Tech City and City of London come together at the Future of Fintech event

On the evening of the 27th of June  London’s thriving Capital Market’s Community met an array of Tech City Start-ups to discuss the future of financial tech.

The Future of Fintech, event brought together the progressive melting pot that is Tech City and the established capital Market players to discuss all things technical and financial.

Hosted by Senior Bloomberg writer Jeremy Kahn, the lively discussion covered a variety of topics from big data to Bitcoin. Panelists asked whether the increasing legislation and regulation is hindering further innovation in the industry and also what can established capital market players learn from the young up-starts in Digital Shoreditch

The debate also looked at why London continues to be the home for finance and why innovation appears to thrive in the city, before closing out with advice on how Fintech start-ups can grow and avoid the many pitfalls on the road to success.