Ireland attracts high number of U.S. cloud players – Douglas Loewe on Silicon Republic

By: Douglas Loewe

In this video featured on Silicon Republic Doulas Leowe, Managing Director, Interxion Ireland, discusses the country’s increasing status as a global hub for the cloud, financial services and digital media communities.

A disproportionate number of U.S. headquartered cloud providers, who now account for 88 per cent of revenue in the European cloud hosting market, are choosing to locate both their people and IT assets in central Dublin.

“They are replicating data centres that they have in San Francisco or outside in Silicon Valley here in Europe and a disproportionate amount of that activity is leaning towards or landing here in Dublin. The activity is very, very strong,” says Leowe.

This is partly explained by the geographic location of Dublin – being well placed to bridge the United Kingdom and Europe with the United States.

“The undersea cables go through diverse paths throughout Ireland on the way to the U.S. That means we are able to not only have a robust data centre and electricity that is high quality and available but you have incredible fibre routes that allow the digital community to be able to have the connectivity it needs.”