Deluxe Selects Interxion to Support Cloud-Based Broadcast Platform

Broadcasters are dramatically changing how they produce, distribute and manage digital content to match consumers’ growing demand. For instance, while many broadcasters have historically stored content in-house to minimize costs and guarantee superior performance, many are now looking to the cloud to support international distribution. In fact, these environments may actually deliver better performance, as Deluxe recently found in Interxion’s London and Amsterdam data centres.

Deluxe is an international provider of a broad range of entertainment industry services and technologies, and recently launched a cloud-based broadcast services platform called LeapCloud. LeapCloud leverages orchestration, asset management and content delivery tools, combined with a playout platform, to help broadcasters set up and manage new television channels anywhere in the world with only a web browser and a network connection.

To best support this market-leading platform, Deluxe knew that it would need strong connectivity in a data centre, particularly with other content providers and platforms. Because Deluxe is delivering broadcast content to sites around the globe, fast performance and reliable connectivity are not just ‘nice to have’ – they’re critical for success. That is why today, Deluxe relies on Interxion’s Content Hubs in London and Amsterdam to provide multi-layer security and power that provide access to over 450 carriers, ISPs and Internet Exchange providers. These hubs allow data to be stored in an environment that exhibit interconnectivity between owners and distributors.

To learn more about the work Deluxe is doing in Interxion’s data centres, please read our press release