Survey: European service providers prefer carrier-neutral data centres

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

A new Interxion survey shows European hosting providers prefer carrier-neutral data centres

In a recent survey of European service providers, we sought to examine the current state of play in the European cloud market and how service providers are addressing the ever growing demand for cloud.

The survey shows that the most popular data centre option among service providers is colocation in carrier-neutral data centres, with 47% of those polled across Europe choosing to host their ICT infrastructure in this type of facility. 27% of respondents replied that they use an in-house facility as their primary data centre option.

This reflects that European hosting providers are seeing the benefits of locating in a data centre where they can offer their services to customers independently of and without competition from the data centre provider.

The Netherlands scored 28% above the European average with 75% of hosting providers preferring carrier-neutral data centres. The Netherlands scored highest, compared to other European countries such as Germany (57%), the UK (50%), and Spain (just 8%).

This left just 25% to be shared across their own data centres, at 15%, Telco owned data centres, with 8%, and the least popular, on premise data centres, with just 5% of respondents choosing this option.

To learn more, download our whitepaper “The Evolution of the European Cloud Market