Cloud wave to hit within the next 3 years

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

Our recent survey of 400+ cloud and hosting providers, reveals that the respondents expect that a significantly higher percentage of their revenues will come from cloud services by 2015.

  • As the figures show, 56% of respondents across Europe expect that by 2015 40-100% of their revenues will be from cloud services. This represents a growth of 93% from 2012
  • This trend was reflected in the US where 74% of hosting providers answered that they expect 40- 100% of revenues to come from cloud
  • Growth in those expecting cloud to account for 60- 100% of revenues in 2015 grew from 14% in 2012 to 30% in 2015 in the US

The expected increase in revenue coming from cloud could be explained by the interest that cloud and hosting providers are encountering from customers migrating more of their workloads. This not only increases the total hosting and cloud market but also the share of cloud as part of the total market.

For more insights into these trends, read our whitepaper "The Evolution of the European Cloud Market."