Local players are key competitors in European markets

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

With so many players in the cloud market, its rapid growth creates fierce competition. So who do European hosting providers see as their key competitors?

In our recent survey of 400+ European cloud and hosting providers we found that:

  • When asked to identify their key competitors, an overwhelming 87% of cloud and hosting providers pointed at local competitors


  • More respondents in the US identified local competitors as their main competition than in Europe as a whole

This could be explained by the fact that Pan- European and U.S. providers are perceived by cloud and hosting providers as offering different products which target different requirements. Local providers offer more customised solutions which address the immediate need of their enterprise customers. This explains the overwhelming majority of respondents identifying local competitors as their main competition.

To learn more about these trends, download our whitepaper ‘The Evolution of the European Cloud Market’.