The data centre: a great place to do business

IT consumerisation, mobility, social media, big data, virtualisation, cloud computing – every one of these key developments moves the data centre closer to the heart of the digital economy. But the value of a neutral data centre comes increasingly from the business connections enterprises can make within it.

'Neutral’ means that the data centre provider is independent of the companies colocating in the data centre, does not compete with them in any way, and offers no packaged services as part of colocation. Customers are free to contract directly with the providers of their choice.

This type of facility doesn’t just benefit the end-user organisations taking advantage of the services within it. It becomes a great place to do business for all involved.

Organisations colocating in a cloud and carrier-neutral facility benefit from having everything they need under one roof. In addition to high-quality space, power, cooling and security provided by the operator, they can join communities of interest and forge business partnerships that flourish in the absence of competition from the data centre operator.

Enterprises of all types and sizes have direct access to a wide range of cloud, hosting and infrastructure partners within a highly connected environment. They’re be able to design and develop their cloud computing and big data strategies, supported by all the networking options they need to efficiently connect their legacy platforms and private clouds to other cloud platforms and speed up application access and information delivery. For example:

  • Companies in the digital media sector will be able to connect directly to an extensive community of CDNs, Tier 1 ISPs, local access providers, international carriers, Internet exchanges and mobile network operators to build high access networks for efficient delivery to end users of live, real-time, interactive and other latency-sensitive content to consumers. Service Providers will be in the best position to maximise the opportunities to develop their business and grow their revenues


  • Network service providers know they’ll find a ready-made community of customers for their services in a neutral data centre. They’ll be able to maximise revenue opportunities by providing wholesale services to other carriers looking to exchange traffic and retail services to organisations in other sectors. If they’re broadening their portfolio, they’ll have the data centre space they need to house the infrastructure that will enable them to offer additional capabilities. And if they’re entering a new geographical market, a cloud and carrier-neutral data centre will be the ideal place to install a point of presence (PoP).


  • A retail bank or insurance company that wants to set up a new online service for its customers will have access to a wide range of hosting, application management and connectivity partners to collaborate with.

To learn more about cloud and carrier-neutrality, what it is and what it means for the future, download our whitepaper here.