The Perfect Peering: Interxion and IX Reach

By: Mike Hollands

By: John Hill, Head of Business Development, IX Reach

Now that we’ve reached over 500 connectivity providers in our data centres, we’re taking a look back and talking to some of the providers that have been with us throughout the years. See what they have to say about their relationship with Interxion.

IX Reach was founded in 2007 in Europe to provide simple network expansion solutions to the wholesale telecoms community. As a result of increasing demand for peering at major Internet Exchanges, we quickly began to grow our network into London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. Today, we have expanded our services to become the largest provider of remote peering, active in over 30 cities and 90+ data centres around the world. 

We began our relationship with Interxion six years ago to support our consistent growth, and currently host our equipment in Interxion’s Amsterdam, Brussels ,Frankfurt, London, Dublin and Paris facilities. When we sought a colocation partner, we were immediately drawn to Interxion for its communities of interest across the very markets that are interested in our peering services, including hosting companies, ISPs, media companies and carriers. Because so many of these industry players colocate their infrastructure in Interxion’s data centres, we continue to benefit from the new business opportunities that these hubs provide. For instance, as an official AWS Technology and Direct Connect Partner, we can connect members in Interxion’s Cloud Hub to any Amazon server location in the world and simultaneously benefit from access to potential new customers.

Similarly, Interxion’s carrier density and neutrality has been a business benefit, as we can offer our network to help connectivity providers expand their footprint across Europe, while simultaneously improving the diversity of our partner network and interconnection possibilities. And as Interxion continues to expand its European presence through the build-out of data centre campuses, it means that IX Reach’s business grows with them.

Over the years, Interxion has consistently proven to be an excellent partner for IX Reach, always offering the highest quality facilities in strategic locations with excellent customer service. Interxion’s degree of business flexibility has enabled us to bundle its colocation with our connectivity services, and we’ve worked together on devising tailored contracts and bespoke solutions to accommodate the needs of various clients. This shared customer-first mindset has been the key to a mutually beneficial relationship with Interxion and has been integral in driving our own success.

As IX Reach continues its geographical expansion, Interxion will definitely be part of our future plans.