An overview of the best locations for your European data center

With a good portion of our customers coming from outside of Europe looking to enter the European market, we frequently receive requests for advice about the best location or locations for European data center deployments. This is why we’ve created an overview, scoring the main European business centers on a set of 18 criteria, based on publicly available, independent data sources, resulting in a whitepaper entitled “Selecting the best locations for your IT infrastructure”.


Typically, companies looking to break into the European market select either a single location or a primary location with a redundant site to house their IT infrastructure to best serve their customers and employees. Each country discussed within the whitepaper is a credible data center location, from a connectivity standpoint, to serve customers within Europe and beyond. However, while geographical proximity to end-users is an important consideration for companies providing digital services, there are many other factors to take into account such as technology readiness and the economic environment. For instance, does it make sense for a company serving the Russian market to locate their data center in politically stable Germany or energy efficient Sweden instead? We’ve compiled the data, but we’ll let you be the judge. 

Though companies moving into Europe are typically looking to service Western European markets, in recent years companies are increasingly looking to serve customers in Eastern Europe and Middle East as well. The question then becomes where to locate your IT platform in order to best serve the business and technical objectives of your company? Many companies have decided to utilize data centers in Western Europe to serve these markets due to excellent network capability and the quality and track record of data centers in Western Europe.

We’ve gathered and analysed independent research around the 18 criteria most frequently used by our customers to select the best data centre locations, including technical, legal, regulatory, tax and cultural considerations and detailed the results in our new whitepaper.