How will Data Centres Drive the Cities of Tomorrow?

Ever wonder about how big data and technology will affect your job, environment, or life in the future? What about how it will affect the city you live in? According to the United States Census Bureau, as of July 2013 there were an estimated 7.152 billion people in the world. If that didn’t sound crowded enough, the UN has predicted that by 2050, cities will have grown in size by 70%. Such exponential growth has given rise to the term ‘megacity,’ defined as a continuous urban development of over 10 million people. New York and Tokyo were the only two megacities in existence sixty-two years ago. Currently, there are twenty-three of them, and by 2025 we’re expected to see another 9 pop up in Asia, taking the total to over thirty.

Crucial to the success of a megacity, however, is its ability to be smart. Technology is at the centre of city growth and urbanisation, particularly in today’s digital age, and plays an integral role in helping to meet the needs of these growing populations. Careful consideration should be given to the infrastructure that will be needed in the future, rather than just reacting to present challenges. Businesses need to recognise how trends such as the Internet of Things will impact the demand for services and the capacity needed to meet this.

Join us for our webinar on 27 June 2014 when Ian McVey, Director of Marketing and Business Development, will examine the importance of IT infrastructure in the smart cities of tomorrow.