We’re at Host in Ireland!

By: Tanya Duncan

Today my team and I are at Host in Ireland in the Big Apple promoting the benefits of Ireland as an ideal location to host digital assets.  For overseas companies building out their presence in Europe, Dublin should be on the list of cities to consider, and I’m looking forward to speaking to US companies about all Ireland has to offer.

In the past ten years, Ireland has attracted high numbers of cloud and big data companies and has developed into a hub for overseas companies looking to host their digital assets in Europe. Its strategic location in the path of global connectivity between Europe and the Americas can mean low latency access to colleagues and customers in North America.

Host in Ireland is backed by 451 Research’s recent report Ireland: A Highly Attractive Location for Hosting Digital Assets.

Though I’m used to speaking about the benefits of Ireland to those already well versed, it’s refreshing to head over here to the US to speak with companies who may be looking to expand into Europe but may be confused about where to base their operations. The goal of this event is not to convince companies that Ireland is the place to be in Europe. That message sells itself. The aim of Host in Ireland is educating the US market so they can see for themselves why Ireland is a real player in the global ICT sector.