Can the Internet Provide Enterprise-grade Connectivity Solutions?

By: Vincent in’t Veld

Currently the majority of businesses connect their private IT installations to the Public Cloud using the Internet and secure VPN solutions. The public Internet has the benefit of being low-cost, but it has some major draw-backs as well. The inherent openness of the Internet is a significant security and reliability concern for enterprises running mission critical applications in the cloud. Thankfully, there is another option. Private connections based on MPLS or Ethernet protocols bypass the public Internet and provide service level guarantees on latency, throughput and security.

As more enterprises opt for private connections to build hybrid IT environments, Cloud Service Providers are looking to carriers and data centre providers to provide the ideal environment for connecting their customers’ private application server deployments to the cloud.

Last week, we launched Cloud Connect, a private, secure and high performance switching infrastructure that enables enterprises, service providers and systems integrators to interconnect easily with their CSP of choice.

As the market matures and private connection options increase, the question for everyone is “Will the number of business applications running on the Internet grow or reduce?”

Some applications (email) may be more internet-friendly and others less so (ERP, Virtual Desktop) but, if private connections proliferate, will people simply, for convenience, put more of their applications on this type of private connection?

It will be interesting to see how the market develops and the decisions service providers and customers take in the future.

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