Introducing our MRS1 facility

Yesterday we announced the addition of another data centre, and, in doing so, added another city to our pan-European footprint, Marseille, France. We are very excited about this new facility, not only because it has the largest concentration of high bandwidth undersea cables entering Europe from Africa, the Middle East and Asia but also because it will provide our customers the opportunity to better serve the emerging markets to the south and east. 

The data centre itself has over 60 connectivity providers and also provides access to France-IX and high bandwidth terrestrial fiber links. When fully built-out, the data centre will offer 5,700 sqm of equipped space and 6+ MW of power.  

The map below demonstrates why Marseille is such a strategic connectivity point in Europe. Currently, 8 submarine cables land in Marseille with two more planned in the future making the city the European gateway to MEA.

Click here for a full size image