Enterprises are going direct to connect data centres to cloud

To gain insights into the changing data centre and IT infrastructure strategies of European CIOs and Enterprise IT departments we commissioned IDG Connect to survey 625 IT decision-makers about their current set-up and future plans.

We asked our audience how their corporate data centre is, or will be, connected to the cloud.

A majority of respondents (59%) use the Internet to connect data centres to the cloud. This does however mean that 41% of enterprises feel that the Internet is no longer good enough, and bypass the Internet based on security and performance concerns.

Almost a fifth use a WAN extension and almost a quarter (23%) say they use, or will use, a direct connection like AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect or Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute.

The relatively high percentage opting for the new-ish model of using direct, private connections is perhaps surprising, given that these are currently only available in a few of the countries polled. However, they have had significant media coverage and it is likely that many of those who answered positively on deployment of these services are looking to the future.

Why the excitement over these private connections? Because these links promise improved security, greater reliability, lower latency and faster services than internet connections. Colocation data centres will play an increasingly important role connecting enterprises to multiple cloud platforms through direct connections as well as networks and Internet.

This is an excerpt of our latest whitepaper The Rise of Hybrid IT, available here.