How Interxion powered on through the Netherlands black out

By: Michael van den Assem

Last week a major power outage hit vast areas of Northern Holland but our data centres powered on, regardless.

On Friday morning Reuters reported a power outage had caused flight delays and disruptions at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. Emergency services too were effected, with reports that some local hospitals were left without power.

According to Dutch electricity transmission operator TenneT, the outage was due to a technical fault at Diemen power station.

Fortunately, grid power was restored just over an hour later, so emergency and security services were back online by midday local time.

How we stayed online

Our data centres in Amsterdam are located just 13km from Amsterdam city centre and less than 10km from Schiphol International Airport. Despite the power outage, we kept our customers connected with our built in resilience and backup power.

“We guarantee our customers backup power services as standard”, said Michael van den Assem – Interxion Managing Director, Netherlands. “We are always prepared for these very rare situations and ensuring that our customers are not impacted remains our priority. We are committed to keeping our data centres up and running at all times. Days like these prove that we are able to deliver on those promises.”

All in all, not a single customer experienced any downtime. This is because we provide managed power with resilience built in all the way to the cabinet and server, and a minimum N+1 configuration on power infrastructure. Features include:

  • 99.999% availability SLAs on power
  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • Backup generators supporting 24 hours at full capacity, with guaranteed refueling within 4 hours

Events like those of last week remind us just how much we rely on an unfailing supply of electricity. In our everyday lives this powers our airports, our hospitals and offices.

But it should also remind us of the importance of being with a data centre provider that guarantees backup power services as standard, and that provides the technical expertise of a highly skilled team of engineers.