Security and governance lead reasons for keeping workloads within the data centre

To gain insights into the changing data centre and IT infrastructure strategies of European CIOs and Enterprise IT departments we commissioned IDG Connect to survey 625 IT decision-makers about their current set-up and future plans.

Asked for reasons as to why they keep workloads within their data centres, perhaps predictably IT decision-makers answered information security first (53%) and its close cousins data protection and governance rules second (41%).

This has been a consistent response for many years and especially in the internet age. Enterprises fear data loss and damage to IT systems caused by malware and they fear the (often very public) repercussions of compromises as applied by lawmakers, regulators and others, as well as media sanction.

Other answers that featured strongly were company policy (for example, to avoid dependency on a single vendor) which garnered 33%. Other “soft” answers include a preference for running private cloud now before moving to public cloud (24%), the desire to “touch and feel” servers (24%), a lack of readiness to make a big change (21%) and the belief that their required service level availability terms could not be guaranteed in the cloud (19%).

But “hard” issues also play a role. Network connectivity issues were cited by 25% of those polled while 22% referred to application performance deterioration caused by latency, jitter or throughput issues. A potential solution for these networking issues is outlined on Page 8 (Enterprises Are Going Direct to Connect Data Centres to Cloud’).

This is an excerpt of our latest whitepaper The Rise of Hybrid IT, available here.