Interxion Launches Digital Media Whitepapers at the NAB Show 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting many industries and the insurgence of connected devices in the TV and digital video realm is no exception. Today’s always-on consumers are equipped with multiple devices that are changing their content viewing habits: in England, mobile phones and tablets are now the source of nearly 50 percent of BBC iPlayer requests.

These new consumer demands, compounded by rapid evolution of IP-delivered and over-the-top (OTT) video and the rise of multiscreen viewing and TV everywhere, are compelling media companies to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves: How can we turn these challenges into opportunities?

To help media companies overcome obstacles at both the technical and commercial level, we’ve launched two companion whitepapers that are based on qualitative research we conducted with FirstPartner. Here’s a high level view of both reports, which I will be available to discuss in more detail at the NAB Show 2015 next week.

“The challenges of IP TV and video delivery”

TV and video production and distribution are undergoing a period of disruptive change. IP-delivered and over-the-top (OTT) video are on the rise; multiscreen viewing and TV Everywhere is the norm, and rapid evolutions of consumer devices and viewer behavior are shifting. Therefore, media enterprises are dealing with challenges in many areas: how to meet growing demand for content and deliver it in a timely way; how to connect efficiently with workflow partners, keep content secure, and manage multiple file formats.

Companies involved in the production and distribution of video and TV content in particular will benefit from this whitepaper, which underlines the strategies they can undertake to capitalize on these new opportunities.

“The Role of Cloud in Content Production and Delivery”

To take advantage of the opportunities offered by massive changes and deal with the challenges they present, content owners, producers and broadcasters, and the service providers who support them are looking at new ways to create, store, manage and distribute TV and digital video content. These methods include adopting end-to-end IP workflows and cloud and software-based services to stay relevant. However, determining how fast and how far to move into the cloud is a complex endeavor, and media companies must consider costs, content, security and interoperability challenges when architecting their cloud or hybrid IT approach.

The whitepaper examines the infrastructure changes underway in today's content production and distribution workflow. We divulge the benefits and potential drawbacks of cloud adoption, the factors to take into account in order to strike the right balance between dedicated infrastructure and cloud, as well as the impact of cloud adoption on hosting and connectivity.

I’ll be onsite at the NAB Show 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to provide more context around these reports. If you’d like to set up a meeting, please reach out to