Interxion Launches Digital Advertising Whitepaper at ad:tech 2015

Today’s consumers are using digital and mobile media more than ever. Americans now own about four digital devices, and spend 60 hours per week consuming content across those devices.

This rise in demand is creating significant opportunities for the major players in the digital advertising sector. In 2012, total online advertising spend in Europe alone was € 27.3 billion; in 2013, the UK has seen more than 93 percent year-over-year growth for mobile advertising. However, this rapid growth is adding complexity to the media-trading value chain and the advertising technology (ad tech) landscape.

To help ad tech companies capitalize on this new opportunity and overcome obstacles at both the technical and commercial level, we’ve launched a new whitepaper, “The Role of Cloud and Connectivity in Ad Trading and Delivery” based on qualitative research conducted with FirstPartner.

One of the key drivers of this booming ad tech landscape is programmatic trading and in particular, real-time-bidding (RTB), which is essentially an auction of individual impressions between the supply-side (publishers) and demand-side (agencies) among other key players. Inevitably, speed and integration challenges are inherent to the technically-demanding RTB process, making robust connectivity a prerequisite for success. Therefore, our report details the considerations ad tech companies should make around the location of their infrastructure, how they manage connectivity, and how they optimize their software and database architectures.

The paper also explores how cloud services will increasingly play a role in the digital advertising sector, offering flexibility, scalability and speed of implementation. Through our research, we’ve uncovered how cloud is being deployed via a hybrid IT environment – emerging as the preferred model for ad tech players – because it offers a best of both worlds approach. We divulge these benefits of cloud adoption among maturing and established ad tech players, as well as the factors to take into account, as each company will take a slightly different approach in order to achieve high-speed connectivity between partners.

I’ll be onsite at the ad:tech 2015 event at the Moscone Center West, in San Francisco, California, USA to provide more context around this report. If you’d like to set up a meeting, please reach out to