FinDEVr 2015: A European FinTech Success Story Proves Value of Collaboration

By: William Fenick

The financial services industry has entered the era of Finance 2.0.

After years of ongoing fusion between finance and technology, from Big Data going mainstream to increased cloud adoption, technological improvements have provided a larger swath of the industry with access to high-speed, low-latency transactions. Speed is no longer a differentiator limited to the inner circles of financial institutions that have privileged access to technology – it’s the new standard.

To adjust to this new paradigm and distinguish themselves from their peers, in the eyes of customers expecting consistently strong returns, financial institutions are increasingly focusing on innovation and collaboration.

The proof of innovation is in the numbers. Between 2013 and 2014, investments in FinTech startups quadrupled to $12 billion. Collaboration, too, is quite common, as the recent SPReD initiative shows. These types of partnerships are happening up and down the value chain, showing that while the FinTech landscape is a niche one at the moment, it’s growing quickly.

Innovation and collaboration in FinTech will be on full display at FinDEVr 2015, where Interxion will be joined by Sayula to showcase the partnership between the two companies. We'll use the event to demonstrate how our highly connected Finance Hubs help FinTech firms and investment companies create new business ventures, and in the case of Sayula, amplify their services to overcome European market constraints around data and infrastructure.

Specifically, we'll first show how Sayula deploys its cloud based application on an open development framework platform, along with additional open source components, to meet demand for a shared, structured derivatives valuation platform. We'll also explain why major banks value solutions that allow non-IT users to create new financial models by seamlessly conjoining existing data sources, analytical libraries and models.

FinDEVr will be a showcase of some of the latest tools, platforms and APIs deployed by builders of financial and banking technology, but it will also show the value of collaboration in helping to usher in the next wave of FinTech innovation.

Register here to join Interxion at FinDEVr in San Francisco, October 6-7. If you’re a member of the press or analyst community and interested in meeting with Interxion at the show, please contact