Interxion included in Streaming Media’s 101 most influential companies in Online Video for 4th year

For the fourth year running, Streaming Media has recognised Interxion as one of 101 companies that matter regarding online video in Europe, sitting alongside stalwarts of the video industry such as Adobe, Akamai, Ericsson, Microsoft, Level3, Harmonic and others.

To be listed is a validation on two fronts. Firstly data centre companies can easily be overlooked when it comes to the video world. People understand the role of CDNs, carriers, video encoders and video distribution platforms, but CDNs cannot operate without being in highly connected data centres close to audiences. Video distribution can also not happen without some infrastructure being deployed in a highly resilient and redundant location that bridges the world between the users, the carriers and the content and services. Even the ‘cloud’ is basically a collection of huge server farms that exist in a data centre.

Secondly, not all data centres are the same. Consumers have a voracious appetite for more content on demand, on multiple devices, in the highest quality, with no buffering or stuttering. The amount of IP content flowing over networks is exploding. According to Cisco, in Western Europe, Internet video traffic will grow 4-fold from 2014 to 2019, a compound annual growth rate of 32%. All of this is forcing more and more video and content services to be deployed ‘closer to the edge’. At Interxion we’re proud to host some of the biggest video production and distribution companies in the world. The overriding reason for this is simple- fast access to audiences across all the major European cities enabled by the largest selection of connectivity and CDN providers, to enable the highest quality of service that consumers demand today.