Opportunities for US trading firms in Europe

By: William Fenick

As the European Financial markets continue to develop, US organisations are increasingly looking to take advantage of the liquidity and volatility European markets offer. At the centre of these markets is London, often considered the gateway to trading Europe.

With our London Data Centre situated less than a mile from the London Stock Exchange in the City of London and equidistant from key liquidity venues, BATS-Chi-X Europe to the West of London and Euronext and ICE Futures Europe (LIFFE) to the East of London, Interxion London is ideally located to enable best execution and consolidate a European Best Bid-Offer (EBBO) order book. Interxion’s unique location coupled with a data centre community, comprising all the major Exchange access points and ISVs only a cross connect away, has resulted in many New York and Chicago firms co-locating infrastructure in our London Data Centre.

To assist with continued demand from across the pond we have enlisted USAM Group, a New York City based, sales and marketing agency that specialises in the financial technology sector. They now represent Interxion in the US, working face to face with firms looking to trade Europe and take advantage of the opportunities that exist in this large and diverse market.

USAM was founded in 2014 by Feargal O’Sullivan, who has over 20-years of experience at firms ranging from BlackRock and Reuters to the New York Stock Exchange. In fact, the entire USAM team has a wealth of experience in the industry; they are extremely knowledgeable in both the US and European markets, enabling them to provide unique insight for US firms looking to successfully trade in Europe.

If you would like to find out more about USAM and Interxion please contact Feargal O’Sullivan.