Expanding Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions with Colocated Data Centers

Once targeted as an appealing solution for small businesses, due to the removal of expenses and resources, cloud business intelligence and data analytics tools are now being adopted by larger organisations as well, particularly with the promised benefits of faster time to market, eliminating on premise software maintenance costs, and a better user experience. In fact, according to a recent study, even if a large enterprise has yet to implement a cloud businesses intelligence solution, 42 percent indicate an intent to invest in one this year.

This increased interest is driving the creation of new cloud BI solutions. A great example of this is SAS’s recent partnership with Amsio to develop SaasNow, a solution that takes the power of SAS Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics and makes it available in the cloud on a flexible, scalable, pay-per-month basis.

The solution, which is currently hosted in our Netherlands data centre, allows enterprises to benefit from a self-service environment for business intelligence and big data analytics, with no need to invest in infrastructure or SAS licenses. It has been designed with SAS partners in mind, offering a global contract that enables them to register free of charge and get set up within one working day. Partners can then deliver live SAS Visual Analytics environments to their customers in just 30 minutes.

The solution has been so popular that customer demand has driven Amsio to select a further seven of our data centres in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and the UK from which to launch its SaasNow as a service solution. By hosting the solution in multiple geographies, Amsio is able to alleviate latency issues, increasing the user experience, as well as offer better data privacy options specific to local regulations. Through our Pan-European footprint and densely connected data centres, we are enabling software providers like Amsio and SAS to develop new business models for their customers throughout Europe and beyond.

With scalable Cloud Hubs located in 13 major European cities, our data centre’s deliver the quality, flexibility and connectivity required for successful high-density cloud-based services. The Cloud Hubs offer access to over 500 connectivity partners including Tier 1 networks, ISPs and top CDNs, as well the main European Internet Exchanges, enabling reduced networking costs and increased network resiliency, while meeting stringent data sovereignty laws.

If you’re interested in reading more about this news, please see the announcement here.