Why we’ve teamed up with Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

Tower Hamlets is one of the most economically diverse areas of the United Kingdom. Bordered by the City of London to the West and Tech City to the North, Tower Hamlets includes Canary Wharf in its South East area. We’ve been based here on Brick Lane since 2001 and witnessed the City expand eastwards.

But growing up in the Borough doesn’t guarantee a job in its burgeoning financial services and tech sectors. It’s commonplace for locals to feel a sense of detachment from the success they see around them, so that while new towers are being erected and international firms, like ourselves, move in, sometimes all they see are tall shadows, and impenetrable glass-walled facades.

One charity whose mission it is to change that is the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership.

Tower Hamlets EBP are an independent charity supporting the education, training and development of young people by creating mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and schools. They aim to raise the achievements and aspirations of young people in Tower Hamlets, developing the motivation and skills for the world of work and increase their ability to choose and achieve positive career, life and learning goals.

Last month Interxion sponsored their first ever speed networking event for their Alumni Network. Members of our team met over 20 eager alumnus to discuss and advise students on their potential next steps. We took a diverse team which included both junior and senior members of our; marketing, operations, business development and management teams, and spent the session networking with the students. “This is a fantastic event that both students and the team benefited from. Choosing a career path and how to pursue it can be a daunting task, especially with the vast amount of information available,” said Ghada Shawki, our Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications. “Sometimes all it takes is a conversation. Just a few moments to share experience and the many paths available to achieve your goals can make all the difference.”

“Providing students with the opportunity to meet people from the world of work is vital for building confidence and exposing students to a world that they may not have had visibility to,” said Louisa Chastney, Project Manager at the charity.

“At Tower Hamlets EBP, we aim to bridge the gap between education and employment and speed networking is a fantastic forum for this. We arranged the ‘Lunch and Network’ with Interxion to enable local students to interact with a variety of professionals who they might otherwise not encounter and we hope it’s the first of many opportunities to work together!”

Over the last 3 years Interxion have supported a number of Tower Hamlets EBP programmes including Reading and Maths Partners, Computer Partners, Business Enterprise & Employability Programmes and now their new Alumni Network.

Learn more about Tower Hamlets EBP here