London's booming

Interxion expands to drive the capital’s digital economy


16 March 2017

A thriving hub for commerce, customers and connectivity, London is a location of choice for businesses and their data centres. Home to some 8.6 million people and 976,000 companies, the capital offers unparalleled opportunities: a critical mass of consumers, corporations and robust infrastructure makes it the beating heart of Britain’s digital economy.

Of course, not all London locations are equal. For organisations running response time sensitive applications that need to be interconnected, central London often makes the best infrastructure location. A data centre in the heart of the capital ensures minimal latency to the maximum number of users, underpinning performance that keeps customers coming back.

Launching LON3.

With space at a premium in central London, carrier and cloud neutral colocation offers a path to highly secure, scalable infrastructure with fewer overheads and greater convenience. No wonder adoption is booming: London is now the world’s leading colocation market by many measures.

To support this growing demand, Interxion is expanding its central London campus with a £30 million investment in a third data centre. LON3 will add 1,800 sqm to Interxion’s uniquely located site, strategically positioned between the Square Mile and Tech City.

Offering state-of-the-art resilience and security, LON3 will be perfectly placed to support London’s booming digital economy with unbeatable performance and availability. Meanwhile, Interxion’s well-established London campus also brings immediate access to one of the most popular data centre communities in Europe - including more than 90 connectivity providers, 200 financial market participants and eight major CDNs.

With a variety of potential suppliers, partners and customers only a cross-connect away, companies can make informed investments in private interconnections to maximise performance, on-board new capabilities, or enhance reach and cost-efficiency. Access to such a broad community of exchanges, ISVs and service providers is crucial to drive differentiation and competitive advantage in today’s crowded digital marketplace.

Fit for the future.

Data centres are the key to unlocking the potential of London’s digital economy, enabling all the connectivity, processing and storage we depend on day-to-day. However, they also need the agility to flex with new demands and rapid digital innovation.

LON3 will provide organisations with the perfect environment to exploit new infrastructure strategies that better meet today’s increasingly stringent performance, throughput and application security demands. For instance, customers can cross-connect to our Cloud Connect platform, enabling them to build the ideal hybrid cloud environment with major platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Businesses can  create and manage private VLAN links to multiple clouds through a single, secure connection - delivering the scalability to support a wide variety of applications and services quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Look to London.

As customers, subscribers and end-users become increasingly discerning, businesses must invest in the right infrastructure, in the right places, to remain competitive.

Whether you’re an established multi-national, or a start-up looking to rapidly expand around the world, our growing London data centre campus can support your most vital business needs, while also helping you to capitalise emerging innovations.

With highly connected IT in the heart of London, you won’t just be able to meet the requirements of today, you’ll be ready to capitalise on the full potential of tomorrow.

As digital transformation continues to redefine what’s possible, central London is the best place to explore the potential of skyrocketing data and connectivity. Download our free Info Paper to discover all the benefits of colocation in the heart of the capital: