Interxion offers Cloudwirx a gateway to Europe with new partnership

By: Douglas Loewe

We are very excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Cloudwirx, a leading procurement and systems integrator for data centre and infrastructure services. The strategic partnership will allow Cloudwirx to expand its strong US client base across Europe, as they continue to grow their global reach.

Whether it’s for a start-up or Fortune 100 company, Cloudwirx matches enterprises with the best facilities for their specific needs, and has direct access to over 1500 wholesale and retail data centre facilities across the globe.

I spoke to Jeremy Dodds, CEO at Cloudwirx, about the partnership and what he believes are the key considerations for businesses looking to move into Europe.

“Partnering with Interxion brings diversity for our clients, especially those looking at international growth outside of the US. The aim of this strategic partnership is to also allow our business to grow in the region. I’m originally from Northern Ireland, I understand the market, and the value our business can add to customers here, especially those looking to make a move across the pond and globally.

“When we originally launched Cloudwirx three years ago, Interxion was on our main target list for data centre and colocation solutions. We only partner with premier data centres, Interxion’s reputation in Europe speaks for itself, and we’re excited to start working with them closely.”

Jeremy also discussed a trend he’s noticed from US companies expanding in Europe: “As US enterprises mature, scale, and expand into the European region, more and more are requesting to be “pulled” from the public cloud and into more hybrid models”. He describes Cloudwirx offers a “cloud rescue plan” for clients in this situation, and sees the expansion of the Internet of Things as a key reason for this “rescue” request when companies are looking to grow in Europe. In fact, they recently completed a project for one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers who resided in a large US public cloud.  With the massive growth of data and internet/IP Transit usage required from devices such as fridges, TV’s, Cars, AI, etc; it became apparent for cost, security and performance optimization reasons the only way forward to continue to scale and grow was to deploy their own infrastructure.  It reduced the overall expense and increased performance and allowed control and predictability for the future.

Cloudwirx has a very strong US customer base, and we are delighted to be working with a partner that understands our services and the value that we can bring to these global clients looking for European expertise.

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