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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Ensuring Security 24/7, 365 days a year

By Patrick Lastennet, director, business development, enterprise at Interxion

As businesses continue along their digital transformation journeys, migrating to the cloud enables them to scale fast enough to keep up with the competition. The cloud and cloud-based applications have become mission critical not just to everyday operations, but also to enabling innovation and the overall success of business in the future.

According to recent research, 60 percent of CIOs, CISOs and CTOs feel that security risks are the same or lower in the cloud compared to on-premise solutions. This means that just fewer than half believe security is a major concern when it comes to cloud migration. This is worrisome as you can never be too cautious especially when you factor in the risk. The average cost of a cyber-attack is $1.67 million, with 90 percent of affected companies suffering some form of negative impact on their relationships with customers.

So, although October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, organisations need to consider matters of security with the utmost importance every day, not just this month. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure your business is operating with security best practices every day.

Staying safe in the cloud

When it comes to the cloud, there are varying levels of security challenges organisations may encounter depending on how far along they are on their digital transformation. On the one hand, more conservative and regulated enterprises find themselves inhibited along their digital transformation journeys. Meanwhile, more aggressive digital natives are oftentimes left exposed to punitive data protection and increasingly privacy-conscious consumers.

One solution to cloud security is taking a hybrid approach. This route combines the security and performance of on-premise infrastructure with the public cloud’s agility and cost-savings. But the problem these strategies present is how to best link on-premise and cloud-based workloads, because accessing secure cloud platforms via a public internet has its own security concerns. Not only can the data be breached, but business performance may also be impacted by public demand.

To ensure top-notch security, businesses should leverage data centre colocation environments to execute their hybrid cloud strategies. This means that instead of linking to the cloud from your own data centre via public Internet, your data is housed in a dedicated location with secure, private access to cloud gateways. Direct fibre links to provide cloud access points help eliminate public internet exposure, which mitigates the risk of data interference while also giving the performance benefits of high-density connectivity.

With Interxion’s Cloud Connect, businesses can build and manage private, high-performance and secure interconnections to multiple clouds through a single interface, making it an appealing solution for colocated hybrid cloud.

For an added layer of security, encryption keys are the answer

Given today’s sophisticated threat landscape, protecting sensitive data while leveraging cloud environments remains a top priority for businesses. As they increasingly turn to encryption to protect their critical information, securing encryption keys becomes a necessary layer of added security.

Key encryption management services secure encryption keys in a Hardware Security Module (HSM) outside of, but in close proximity to, the cloud environment in which their applications reside. This allows for high performance, low latency integration with cloud apps without compromising on security or compliance. But many organisations don’t have qualified resources to operate such appliances on their own.

Opting for an HSM managed service, such as Interxion’s Key Guardian, within a colocated data centre provides the perfect solution for key encryption management as part of broader enterprise security strategies. In fact, Key Guardian is designed to give businesses the trust and flexibility they require and enable the rapid development of applications without compromising on security or compliance. Key Guardian leverages proven certified HSM technology and integrates with all of the leading cloud service providers, private on-premise networks, and networks colocated with Interxion. As a result, businesses can rest assured knowing that they can enable the right level of data protection for any new digital use case.

When it comes to security, you can never be too safe. Discussions around cybersecurity awareness are critical this month, but top-notch security efforts should be engrained in an organisation’s daily operations. To learn more about Interxion’s secure and resilient offerings, check out our enterprise security whitepaper.