Celebrating Those Who Build Our Digital Future on International Programmer Day


12 September 2020

Opportunities abound for enterprises that can move quickly, embrace new technologies, and re-imagine the way they do business in the face of digital transformation. By 2023, more than 50% of all IT and communications technology spending will be directly related  to digital transformation initiatives, as enterprises invest in the digital future.

The task of building that future will fall in part to the coders, developers, and programmers. On September 12, we celebrate their work. International Programmer Day is recognised on the 256th day of each year, a reference to the 256 possible values that can be represented by a byte.

The best way to support your programmers on any day is to remove the barriers that limit the potential of their work. Programmers are building new, dynamic apps and services to appeal to the modern customer and compete in the digital economy.

However, the success of those apps and services – and ultimately, the fruit of programmers’ labour - can be held back by underperforming enterprise infrastructure.

So, on International Programmer Day, we’re reminding our customers, partners and peers of the ways a smartly designed enterprise network, built on colocation data centres, ensures your programmers’ best work is able to shine as intended.

Support Emerging Technologies

Programmers are being asked to help their enterprises make the most of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, 62% of European enterprises say they are already actively testing or using artificial intelligence in their business.

At the same time, infrastructure can undermine the successful implementation of these technologies, and the work being done by developers and programmers. For example, a lack of adequate computing resources can significantly slow down developers as they work to design the best AI technology. If they feel they are not getting the right support, some programmers may even go outside the corporate IT department to find sufficient compute resources, which can lead to shadow AI. 

So, if your goal is to maximise AI – or any emerging technology – consider how your IT strategy addresses the shortcomings of legacy infrastructure. Otherwise, the best efforts of your programmers could be wasted.

Deliver Better Global Customer Experiences

Business growth increasingly extends beyond borders. More than one-third of enterprises will add IT resources to support between 6-10 new locations in the next year, while 10% need to support 20 or more new locations.

Programmers are the ones creating new apps and services that reach these global customers. However, no matter how impressive or useful the app, its reputation can rise or fall on the quality of its underlying network. Outages, lagging, and overall substandard performance can lead to dissatisfied customers and lost revenue opportunities.

Does your enterprise network deliver the high connectivity and performance needed to run modern apps and services?

Make it Easier to Work in the Cloud

Programmers are often on the front lines of helping their companies build on and maximise the cloud, and they need the support of a reliable hybrid network infrastructure to do it.

Hybrid multi-cloud is an invaluable asset to developer who need to agility, performance and connectivity. It empowers developers to think strategically about how their infrastructure supports every component of an application, including data storage, analytics, and computing processes. Enterprises can ultimately mix and match different cloud providers to get the best benefits of each, and direct connections to each cloud yields better performance, security and speed to market. 

Stronger IT Means Success for Everyone – Including Programmers

The best way to celebrate International Programmer Day is to give your team the resources it needs to succeed. That includes a better enterprise network, which is the foundation of high-quality digital services. The stronger your network, the easier it will be for your programmers to deliver their best work.

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