Leading the way to a data driven sustainable future

“Entire industries have been reshaped during the pandemic as the shift to a digital economy accelerated. For our part, we have sharpened our focus on consistently implementing best practices in sustainability to welcome a new era of connected global data communities.” A. William Stein, CEO Digital Realty 

We recognize that operating and expanding our business consumes resources, such as energy, water and raw materials. We acknowledge our responsibility to deliver solutions that improve our environmental impact.
We seek to lead the global data center industry in sustainable environmental performance, and we are committed to ongoing efforts that benefit the environment and meet the needs of our customers while also strengthening our business. 

Our objectives as outlined in our Sustainability Policy are to continue to: 

  • Provide data center solutions that deliver industry-leading energy productivity and resource efficiency, increase client value and lower cost of ownership 
  • Empower employees and clients to improve resource efficiency in areas such as energy, water, waste, and carbon 
  • Communicate our performance regularly and transparently with stakeholders 

During the pandemic, we have continued to solve global coverage, capacity and connectivity needs for companies of all sizes through PlatformDIGITAL®—our fit-for-purpose global platform that simplifies access to data center and colocation capacity, and interconnection through a single data center provider, with tailored infrastructure deployments and controls. 

In a series of interviews with Interglobix, our senior executives have shared strategic insights regarding our focus on sustainability in data, from resilience to our carbon emissions. 
Read the full feature to learn more about our holistic, business-wide strategy for addressing our global impact and how we’re enabling our customers to operate highly efficient, hybrid IT infrastructures supported by data-driven sustainability strategies that reduce carbon footprints and drive essential business functions at a fraction of the normal cost.