Ajubeo boosts business in Europe with two new cloud hubs in Germany

When global cloud provider Ajubeo accelerated its European expansion plans to meet customer needs, it selected Interxion to colocate its infrastructure. “We wanted to partner with a great data centre operator that understands the cloud market — Interxion was the obvious choice,” says Ajubeo’s president and CEO, Chuck Price. Interxion Germany was chosen for its carrier density, the resilience enabled by its facilities in two cities, and Germany’s mature data protection laws.



15 June 2016

The Challenge

Ajubeo provides cloud IaaS to customers worldwide from its cloud hubs in the US and Europe, primarily through an indirect business model. Channel partners range from referral partners who act as sales agents, to IT consultancies, managed service providers and SaaS vendors who use the Ajubeo platform to host and manage their own customers and services.

“Our goal is to make our customers into heroes by helping them manage budgets and deliver better IT services more quickly to support their business,” says Price. Each customer can design and build their own enterprise ICT architecture from within Ajubeo’s IaaS platform. “We think of our platform as ‘the Matrix’, inside which our customers build their own virtual ‘Neo’ worlds,” explains Price.

Ajubeo’s core offering is highperformance virtual data centres which can be up and running in just 48 hours. “That’s faster than any competitor we know of, and helps our customers get to market as quickly as possible,” says Price. Additional services on offer include cloud backup, disaster recovery and virtual desktops. Customers pay a predictable monthly invoice that enables them to avoid capital expenditure and invest efficiently in a reliable, highperformance cloud infrastructure.

When IQNavigator, a provider of vendor management systems and other managed services, wanted to optimise service delivery to its customers in EMEA through physical proximity, it approached Ajubeo for a cloud solution based in Europe. It was the perfect opportunity for Ajubeo to set its European expansion plans into motion.

IQNavigator was confident about selecting Ajubeo as its cloud provider, supported by Interxion as the data centre operator. We’ve generated great synergy between our three companies.

Chuck Price

President and CEO, Ajubeo

The Solution

Ajubeo and IQNavigator worked together to find the right country and colocation provider to meet both companies’ needs. With no data centres of its own, Ajubeo always colocates its infrastructure, so knew exactly what it was looking for in a data centre partner. To get the best choice of carriers and bandwidth pricing, the company colocates at facilities situated at dense points of interconnection. “All of Interxion’s data centres fit the bill, because of their well-chosen locations combined with Interxion’s carrier neutrality,” says Price.

The two companies opted for Interxion in Germany, with a resilient dual-site solution across the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf facilities. The Frankfurt campus — home to well over 400 carriers and the DE-CIX Internet exchange’s core infrastructure — is the primary location, with Dusseldorf acting as the secondary location. Keeping operations in Germany lets IQNavigator give its customers extra peace of mind about the security and privacy of their data, thanks to Germany’s very mature data protection laws.

“IQNavigator was confident about selecting Ajubeo as its cloud provider, supported by Interxion as the data centre operator, and we’ve generated great synergy between our three companies,” confirms Sherri Hammons, Chief Technology Officer for IQNavigator.

Ajubeo’s CTO, who oversaw installation of the company’s infrastructure at Interxion, reports a smooth process with excellent support from Interxion personnel. Before the installation was complete, Ajubeo was already attracting wider interest in its Europe-based cloud offering and building a customer pipeline. The dual-site setup gives customers the flexibility to back up or fail over from one data centre to the other for enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

“From our very earliest conversations with Interxion, we knew that working with them was going to be easy,” says Price. “They understand the dynamics of the cloud world and helped us move the whole process forward quickly with our customer. Together, we made it possible for IQNavigator to quickly start developing and testing its services and meet its promised start date for delivering production services in Europe,” he confirms.

About Ajubeo

Ajubeo is a global provider of high-performance, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, founded and built by CIOs for CIOs. The Ajubeo IaaS offering includes virtual data centres, virtual desktops, cloud-based disaster recovery, cloud-based data backup and restore, and cloud-based systems and application monitoring.

Discerning organizations select Ajubeo for the increased business and architectural agility that comes from flexible, high-performance cloud infrastructure built to handle the scale, integration and compliance of today’s enterprise.

Ajubeo backs its cloud services with a 100% SLA and corporate commitment to customer satisfaction. Cloud hubs are deployed in the world’s most reliable and interconnected carrier-neutral data centres, accessible via secure, private network connections from anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit