The game streaming service Shadow operates under one central goal: provide a high-end gaming experience to users across the globe operating low-end local computers

Considering the number of fast-paced decisions made throughout video games, Shadow needs to facilitate communication between user, cloud and servers in the blink of an eye. To pull it off, Shadow leverages densely connected data centres at Interxion’s Amsterdam and Marseille campuses, as well as the cloud to send rendered video and images back to users in real-time, ensuring a smooth, high-quality game streaming experience.

Shadow transforms low-end devices into high-end gaming PCs through the power of cloud computing. Users can access their full-featured, private computer in the cloud from any device at any time, whether it be an old PC or Mac, TV or smartphone – devices which otherwise lack the power to run high-performance games. 

The company needed its cloud infrastructure to live near a dense connectivity hub, including carriers, internet exchanges, ISPs and their end-users to ensure they matched the accessible, high-end service promised to subscribers.

Shadow deployed its first environment at Interxion’s Amsterdam campus, allocating its data in one of the best-connected cities in the world, due to its central location in Europe. Colocation also allowed Shadow the flexibility to grow its infrastructure to close the gap between even more users. The company expanded to Interxion’s Marseille campus, one of the world’s most dynamic content hubs, connected through more than 14 submarine cable systems. Colocating their servers with Interxion placed Shadow on the forefront of the Internet, providing the resiliency to cope with potential surges in users. Furthermore, the 24/7 support provided at Interxion’s campuses ensured Shadow’s infrastructure would be carefully watched and quickly cared for in the event of a problem before users could be affected.

"At Shadow, we require the most direct, shortest paths between our infrastructure and our gamers, and we need a company that can keep up with us. Interxion does that. They understand our business, how we work and what we need. They are a trusted partner.”

David Chanial Head of Infrastructure, Shadow


Founded in 2015, Shadow, developed the first high-end computer that will never become obsolete. Their PC in the cloud allows gamers to play in the best conditions on any screen, via the “Shadow” application or the “Shadow Ghost” terminal. Shadow has raised $110 million since its launch and has 200 employees in Paris and San Francisco.