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Securing Databases Verified by Blockchain

HELIX Orange is in the process of creating a platform that combines several elements, centering around a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) capability for authentication and identity onboarding processes used in spaces such as banking, healthcare and finance. The company plans to do this with HelixID, which end users will be able to use as a one-stop verification system to help speed up authentication processes.


1 October 2018

The Challenge

  • To build a trusted ICO platform and secure the database

The Solution

  • Key Management as a Service offered by Interxion Key Guardian, to deliver the highest level of security possible while also keeping keys close to where data is stored for best performance.
  • Help managing the HSM service, with the entire design and onboarding taken care of

We had been looking for best practice and the highest levels of security capabilities. HSM is the choice. In addition, it needed to be a dedicated environment, not a shared environment. We need to ensure business assured continuity, fail capability, monitoring capability and full end to end management with full SLA coverage on the devices. Key Guardian lifts it to the next level.

Alexander Rockstroh

Operations for HELIX Orange

About HELIX Orange

HELIX Orange is an ICO platform for investors and the best ICO projects built on Blockchain Technology.

The platform establishes a sustainable ecosystem for international investors and global Initial Coin Offerings projects. We want to make ICOs and token sales safe, smart and efficient.

Both sides, investors and ICO projects benefit from proper KYC/AML and from sophisticated investor matchmaking processes.

The platform is targeting the massive need to fulfil the regulatory requirements for any ICO.