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Mindark - Green-Powered Virtual Universe

Interxion partnered with the developers of the Entropia Universe to provide fully redundant, globally connected, low-carbon footprint infrastructure.



21 April 2016

The Challenge

MindArk PE AB, developers of the virtual world’s Entropia Platform, were looking for next generation data centre infrastructure to support their expanding universe of interoperable 3D virtual worlds.

Entropia was set for further growth with the launch of several new planets from independent developers using the CryENGINE®2 graphics motor. “We were looking for a mix of stability, scalability and connectivity to power Entropia’s growth,” said Mats Kling, CTO at MindArk’s support and operations subsidiary EUSO AB. “Also, any data centre partner we chose had to have a business approach that reflected our own, with ambitious growth plans and constantly improving processes and capabilities.”

With over 50 network providers under one roof, as well as the NL-IX and AMS-IX Internet exchanges, Interxion offered an exceptional range of connectivity options.

Mats Kling CTO

The Solution

“With user-to-user transactions worth almost half a billion dollars in 2008, Entropia Universe needed to be at least as stable as the real world. Interxion convinced us that they could provide the type of environment we needed.” Interxion provided 2N UPS and N+1 cooling, as well as the most advanced alarm and monitoring systems.

Equipment and connectivity were monitored 24x7 by expert local staff, with round-the-clock monitoring and support from Interxion’s ISO 27001-certified European Customer Support Centre. 24x7 high-speed global connectivity was also key. “As our global user base all connected to the one universe, we had very specific demands for networking services with the lowest latency to the US and Asia,” said Mats Kling. “With over 50 network providers under one roof, as well as the NL-IX and AMS-IX Internet exchanges, Interxion offered an exceptional range of connectivity options.”

The Interxion facility also supported the latest high-density power configurations and ran on 100% green energy with free cooling and maximum-efficiency components as standard. “We were impressed with Interxion’s responsible position on minimising environmental impact without compromising on performance.”

About Mindark

Entropia Universe is an expanding entity of interoperable 3D virtual worlds based on the proprietary Entropia Platform. The Entropia Platform, developed by MindArk, contains full support for secure micro transactions in real-time, rich media viewing, transactions with real and virtual items, MMOG entertainment and social interaction between global participants. Its virtual currency, the PED, has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 with the US dollar. The Entropia Universe has today has over 820,000 registered accounts from over 200 territories. /