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Solido - Quality Drives Growth For Managed Hosting Solutions Provider Solido

Denmark-based Solido’s reputation for designing and delivering top-quality managed dedicated hosting solutions brings some of the most demanding companies to its door. Solido relies on Interxion’s Copenhagen data centre to provide the scalable, high-density, highly connected environment required to meet customer expectations and optimise the end-user experience.

The Challenge

Among Solido’s customers are one of the world’s largest brewery groups, the world’s leading online takeaway ordering service, and the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines. Whether it’s a corporate or transactional website, a media streaming service, or an online backup portal, each one is tailor-made by Solido to fit the customer’s individual requirements, with a strong emphasis on performance and reliability. “We work very hard to be the best at what we do, and look for the same commitment in our partners,” says Christer Hasse, CEO of Solido. “That’s why we chose Interxion as our data centre colocation provider over a decade ago — and have stayed with them ever since.”

We work very hard to be the best at what we do, and look for the same commitment in our partners. That’s why we chose Interxion.

Christer Hasse CEO, Solido

The Solution

Having started out with just a quarter of a rack, Solido now has more than 160 square metres of colocation space at Interxion’s Copenhagen data centre. “Interxion were helpful and supportive when we were a very small company, and have continued to enable our business throughout our rapid expansion,” says Hasse. Colocating its infrastructure with Interxion lets Solido concentrate on developing customer solutions with no concerns about scalability, physical security, power or cooling.

Solido’s solutions range in size and scope from those housed on a single server in a shared rack, to others involving hundreds of servers or petabytes of storage, or that need to be housed in private rooms – for example, to enable customers to meet regulatory requirements. As Hasse explains, if Solido had set out to build its own data centre from the start, it would have been impossible to predict its future requirements. “We would doubtless have under- or over-invested, limiting our ability to grow or wasting money on idle assets,” he says. “In contrast, we know that Interxion can always provide the right space and environment for every solution, exactly when we need it.”

Building its own data centre would also have made it difficult for Solido to source the right range of connectivity partners to support its solutions, especially given the increasing proportion of customers who are present in multiple local markets within and beyond Europe. Ensuring low-latency connectivity to all locations and sufficient bandwidth to deal with heavy traffic – both critical elements of Solido’s solutions – are made easy by Interxion’s carrier-neutrality. Because all major carriers are already in the data centre, Solido has the choice it needs to build networks that deliver the reach and performance its customers expect. The company currently has agreements with seven carriers for a total of 70 Gbit/s of bandwidth. “It’s about more than having enough capacity, it’s also about ensuring a quality experience,” explains Hasse. “Connecting to several different carriers creates a more efficient network with shorter paths to eyeballs. And if there’s ever a problem on one route, we can easily switch traffic to an alternative carrier to maintain service levels.” Interxion’s cloud-neutrality is equally important to Solido as it means the two companies don’t compete for customers. In fact, Solido has gained some of its customers through its presence in the Interxion data centre. “Our relationship with Interxion is more like a partnership,” says Hasse.

“They create the perfect environment within the data centre for customers and suppliers to connect.” The sense of partnership extends to Solido’s openness about its collaboration with Interxion, which it uses it as a factor in customer engagements, even taking customers to visit the data centre. “It’s a benefit to be able to present a major data centre that follows best practice processes and meets recognised industry standards,” says Hasse. He continues: “Our customers understand that there’s a certain cost associated with using a data centre of this quality. The fact that we’re prepared to make that investment to ensure the right environment for our customers’ solutions indicates how seriously we take our responsibilities.”

About Solido

Based in Denmark, Solido designs and delivers secure, flexible managed hosting services to many large companies in a wide range of industries. It focuses on providing optimised solutions tailored to customers’ individual needs, backed up by skilled support teams.

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