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Zayo Group has a long history with Interxion. The relationship started 12 years ago when Zayo was among the first customers to install infrastructure at Interxion’s London data centre campus. To keep pace with its customers’ evolving connectivity needs, Zayo has since extended its fibre-based bandwidth infrastructure services into Interxion’s Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris facilities.


22 February 2016

The Challenge

US-based Zayo Group owns and operates an extensive fibre network that stretches far across the US and Europe. The network connects customers through international long-haul capabilities, national networks, and ever-growing metro networks in key US and European cities. Both Zayo and Interxion have a keen focus on financial services and digital media. Zayo’s low-latency, fibre-based, on-network connections are ideal for supporting demanding applications within these segments, such as high-frequency algorithmic trading and premium digital content transmission. Whether a trading firm wants to connect to a local stock exchange or a facilities house wants to connect to a major media player on the other side of the world, Zayo’s fast, flexible and scalable services fit the bill. “Interxion has built strong communities in these bandwidth-hungry segments within its data centres, and we are well placed to meet their connectivity requirements,” says Alistair Kane, Zayo’s VP for Europe. “That’s why, for example, we continue to extend our Greater London network, enhancing connectivity to key trading venues and adding further value to Interxion London as a financial services hub.”

Working with Interxion as a European data centre partner has proved to be a positive business decision for Zayo. We’re very happy with the partnership we have with them, and look forward to continued collaboration and potential further expansion.

Alastair Kane

VP for Europe, Zayo Group

The Solution

Since establishing a presence at the London campus, Zayo has expanded into Interxion facilities in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. Not only are Zayo’s customers increasing their European market penetration, they’re also generating greater volumes of data than ever before. Many are also implementing multi-site data replication as part of their business continuity, disaster recovery and compliance strategies. This means that organisations have a pressing need for multiple data storage sites across Europe, linked by secure, diverse network connections. It’s a combination of requirements that Interxion and Zayo can fulfil, thanks to their complementary offerings and their willingness to work together on business opportunities.

As well as meeting enterprise connectivity needs, Zayo provides fixed and mobile operators with IP transit and Ethernet transport services, and is one of the biggest providers of dark fibre and wavelengths in London. Being part of Interxion’s connectivity hub helps to open up additional opportunities for Zayo in the market for wholesale services, as Kane explains: “Interxion is carrier neutral with no competing connectivity services of its own. As a result, it attracts a vast community of connectivity providers to its data centres, creating a ready market we can do business with.” And if Zayo ever needs to meet an off-net requirement, the wide range of carriers on hand ensures the most efficient solution. “Working with Interxion as a European data centre partner has proved to be a positive business decision for Zayo,” confirms Kane. “We’re very happy with the partnership we have with them, and look forward to continued collaboration and potential further expansion.”

About Zayo Group

Based in Boulder, Colo., Zayo Group provides comprehensive Bandwidth Infrastructure services in more than 300 markets throughout the U.S. and Europe. Zayo delivers a full suite of managed services and dark fiber products to wireline and wireless customers, data centers, Internet content providers, high-bandwidth enterprises, and government agencies across its robust 77,000 route mile network. The company also offers 27 carrier-neutral colocation facilities across the U.S. Please visit for more information about Zayo and its fiber solutions.