Enterprise-grade connectivity to the new Google Cloud Region in Switzerland

Hybrid multicloud reality

As digital transformation is required for almost all enterprises today, IT Agility is a key requirement to innovate in the areas of product development, customer experience and operational excellence. Businesses look at cloud computing to achieve this agility.

Most organisations opt for hybrid cloud and multicloud strategies, with some workloads moving to one or multiple cloud platforms, and others staying within the company firewall. In Switzerland, the Study “Cloud Trends 2020” highlighted, that the 120 CIOs that answered the Survey expect a big move of applications in the various types of Cloud.

The distribution of data and applications across multiple private and public cloud platforms brings a new challenge. How to connect data and applications residing in multiple private and public clouds?


Whilst Internet connectivity is fine for some applications, there are other applications where private connections between private and public clouds are crucial to meet security and performance requirements. For example, customers with large data sets that require access to scalable cloud-based storage, such as Google Cloud Storage, and analytics engines such as Google Analytics 360 Suite. Also, accessing public clouds via the internet is seen as a challenge for IT security.

This is why Cloud Platforms are rolling out network nodes across markets, offering private connectivity into their cloud data centers. Typically, these network nodes are deployed in carrier-neutral data centres, where many networks and enterprises already colocate and interconnect IT systems.

Google Cloud Interconnect

From today, customers can benefit from enterprise-grade connectivity to the newly launched Google Cloud Platform Switzerland region. With Google Cloud selecting Interxion as one of two Google Cloud Interconnect locations in Zurich, Swiss businesses can now benefit from highly secure connectivity into Google Cloud Switzerland directly from their presence in the Interxion Data Centre in Glattbrugg, bypassing the public internet

Interxion Colocation, Cloud Connect & ITSP Community

Colocating at Interxion makes it easy for businesses to experiment with hybrid and multicloud environments and leverage the connected community of networks, cloud platforms and IT service providers in our facility.

Our Cloud Connect platform offers private access between your private cloud and the leading hyperscale cloud platforms through a single secure, reliable connection. As a result, you can build a scalable hybrid and multicloud solution in a cost-effective way, while enjoying predictable performance and low-latency connections to the cloud.

Our Connected Community of more than 40 Service Providers in our Zurich Data centre offers enterprises the needed support in their transformation to a digital, multicloud enterprise. The Interxion Marketplace makes it easy to identify the respective ITSPs to support Enterprises in tackling the challenges that lie ahead.

With dedicated interconnection services to GCP in 6 European markets, Interxion is making it easy for customers to consume Google Cloud services anywhere across Europe.