Für Peter Randall, CEO bei Equiduct Systems, waren Connectivity, hochmoderne Anlagen und Expertise die ausschlaggebenden Faktoren bei der Wahl eines Rechenzentrums. Erfahren Sie, warum er sich für Interxion entschied.


22 Februar 2016

Equiduct Case Study

Equiduct Case Study

About Equiduct

Equiduct offers an efficient and reliable all-in-one trading platform designed to benefit both the Retail and Professional Investor.
Equiduct's diverse model offers clients more than the average stock exchange. Not only does Equiduct provide an electronic Lit Order Book trading over 2,281 of Europes most liquid instruments, but uniquely it also utilises the fragmented liquidity across Europe to deliver a premium Best Execution service.  www.equiduct.com