Las 3 principales estrategias para capitalizar la oportunidad cloud


4 Diciembre 2013

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

In our recent survey we asked more than 400 hosting and cloud  providers   about the strategies they use to differentiate themselves from the competition and secure the share of the cloud opportunity.




  • The most popular strategy in Spain is price reduction, with 92% of respondents using it.
  • The second most popular strategy is the focus on service excellence, with 88%, and the third is the provision of proprietary cloud infrastructure with 79%.
  • If we look closely at the figures, we find that a significant majority of respondents (61%) use 3 or more strategies.

Discussions with European providers reveal that in order to maintain margins, many successful hosters have adopted a combination of strategies. These strategies are usually emerging, ad-hoc and in most cases driven by customer requirements.

To learn more about the best practices of hosting and cloud providers, download the whitepaper   "Evolution of the Cloud Market in Europe".