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Vladimir Mlynar, directeur de la gestion des services chez Axians, revient sur le besoin d'un data center qui non seulement propose un vaste ensemble de fournisseurs de connectivité pour qu'Axians fournisse ses services cloud, mais qui offre aussi la sécurité et l'expertise pour assurer à ses clients le meilleur service possible. Ecoutez comment Interxion relève ces défis.

About Axians

Axians provides all customers, whether businesses, governmental organizations and service providers, with a unique array of solutions for designing, implementing andoperating their ICT infrastructure. These solutions include customized software, hardware and services for various markets. Axians understands the implication of what ICT means for people and businesses. Therefore, we design industry-specific solutions, for healthcare and transportation for example, and we also tackle the many major challenges today faced in our communities.