Lean, Mean and Green: The Datacenters of the Future

Building and certifying a green data center or other facility in-house can be expensive upfront, so companies are increasingly turning to independent global data center operators to pass onto them as their clients much of the long-term cost savings on operations and maintenance from green data center facilities.

Goran Đoreski, Managing Director, Interxion Croatia

The topic of energy-efficient cloud computing has become a priority, especially in the EU. Data centers there need to become more energy efficient, reuse waste energy such as heat, and use more renewable energy sources, with a view to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

Goran Đoreski, Managing Director, Interxion Croatia impressed these points upon readers of AmCham News&Views, a regular publication of AmCham Croatia. Since 1998, AmCham Croatia represents business interests of American, international as well as Croatian companies. With more than 270 members, employing over 91.000 people, AmCham are the voice of international business in Croatia.