Powering the GLOCAL Era

 “Our vision and strategy is to be the single global datacenter platform provider for enterprises and service providers to converge digital and physical worlds, by securely placing their critical network, data, compute and security infrastructure in our multi-tenant data centre campuses, and unlocking new growth opportunities,”

Tony Bishop, Senior Vice President, Platform, Growth and Marketing, Digital Realty.


10 studenog 2021

The adoption of digital technologies is changing the way we work, live, and play. To keep up with customer demands and achieve high performance businesses need to bring endpoints and users on mobile devices together. For this the physical infrastructure required at the backend needs the digital and physical worlds to converge both globally (datacentre) and locally (physical infrastructure), a requirement that is also termed as ‘glocal.’

This requires a new approach, one that moves beyond cross-connections and traditional interconnection backhaul, giving way to an era of open, pervasively connected data communities colocated at centres of data. It forces a shift to a data-centric architecture, where data is at the centre of the architecture and integration is the challenge.

As an industry-steward championing the transformation toward a connected data community approach, we offer a data-centric architecture that integrates the core, cloud, and edge at centres of data exchange across multiple platforms, providers, and partners. This all comes together on PlatformDIGITAL, our flexible global platform, which equips customers with the tools they need to create a global, strategic IT infrastructure to meet their business goals.

Tony Bishop, Senior Vice President, Platform, Growth and Marketing, Digital Realty shares critical insights with CIO Review Europe about the best strategies for breaking through the barriers posed by data gravity and how our partnership with AWS enables businesses to create the data infrastructure they need wherever they are in the world.