Increased Connectivity Enhances the ASSU 2000 Group’s Customer Multiscreen Experience

As France’s leading insurance brokerage, the ASSU 2000 Group serves more than 320,000 customers’ daily insurance needs, spanning car, health, home and more. Increasingly, those customers are heading online and to mobile apps to purchase insurance, and they have high expectations for the mobile customer experience. To meet those expectations, the ASSU 2000 Group took steps to improve the IT agility and connectivity that supports a better customer experience.

With French customers increasingly using their smartphones, tablets and PCs to purchase insurance online, it is mission-critical that the ASSU 2000 Group ensures a flawless experience for its online customers.

Most importantly, the response times of its websites need to be incredibly quick. When websites are slow, customers become frustrated and go elsewhere for their insurance needs, resulting in lost business.

In order to meet customer expectations, the ASSU 2000 Group needed to partner with the right connectivity partners. Integrating multiple partners into its own data centre was too costly, both in terms of time and money. The ASSU 2000 Group needed a data centre partner to help handle the complexity.

As a result, the company turned to Interxion, opting for shared use of its web servers at the Interxion campus in Paris. Interxion Paris provides a point of presence (PoP) to more than 80 network operators (fixed and mobile) and ISPs, enabling the ASSU 2000 Group to integrate seamlessly.

“We chose Interxion Paris because all the operators we wanted to work with were already there. Even taking into account the cost of sharing, it is much cheaper for us to establish these connections via Interxion than in our own data centre. Thanks to Interxion's connectivity hub, we've reduced our network costs by 70 percent while multiplying our capacity by 10.” Yann Danou, Director of Information Systems at the ASSU 2000 Group