Autoneum boosts performance and operations quality with Interxion

Autoneum boosts performance and operations quality with Interxion


5 travnja 2022

Autoneum, specialises in acoustic and thermal insulation, producing parts like engine enclosures, front wall insulation, wheel arch linings and heat shields. Suppliers like Autoneum ensure that cars reliably run on these thousands of perfectly coordinated parts, ensuring that no matter where a car may be travelling, the parts inside it provide a low-noise environment across different surfaces.


To ensure seamless customer experience Autoneum needed real time data processing and an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure.

With Interxion: a Digital Realty Company, Autoneum was able to connect directly to Microsoft Azure Cloud while also benefitting from maximum availability, data and system stability, and increased operational performance.

“Without our external data centre, we would never have the performance necessary to offer such a tool in a meaningful way…As an Interxion customer, you feel you are in good hands, the personal support and service is above average.”

Georg Kvas,
Head of Digital Workplace & Security Services at Autoneum.