Cyberlink - Optimum security and a professional partnership interxion enables cyberlink to focus on its core business

Cyberlink has been in the IT business since 1995. Several years ago, the company decided to focus on providing premium products for business customers. Swiss business magazine Bilanz has ranked Cyberlink as one of the best Internet service providers in Switzerland on several occasions in its Telecom Rating list. But it’s not just the media who are impressed by Cyberlink. According to a survey, 95 percent of its customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with the company. To ensure this remains the case, Cyberlink works with partners who are equally committed to quality – partners like Interxion.


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The Challenge

Cyberlink had a clear list of specifications right from the outset. “We wanted our additional data centre capacity to be within an 80-kilometre radius of Zurich. Further key criteria for us included best in-class data connections and a low-risk environment”, explains Robert Horvath, Marketing and Product Manager at Cyberlink AG. “At the same time as expanding, we also wanted to upgrade our technology – it wasn’t just that our existing centre was too small, our racks also needed to be updated, “With our stringent requirements, it wouldn’t have made sense for us to invest in our own data centre. What’s more, building and operating a dedicated data centre is not part of our core business”  

Interxion has been able to meet all of our requirements as a premium provider. Interxion is the only partner that can offer us redundant power supplies from two different energy providers. It can also guarantee an energy supply for an unusually long period of time in the event of a crisis. And because we have a dedicated room that is completely separate from the rest of the facility, we’ve been able to incorporate our own additional security measures.

Robert Horvath

Marketing & Product-Manager

The Solution

The company chose Interxion’s data centre in Glattbrugg in the Swiss canton of Zurich. Cyberlink already had a clear idea of how this partnership would evolve as the two companies had already been working together for some time. “Interxion is a partner we can trust. We value their professional and personal service. We can call at any time and we’ll always get a rapid, professional response – and this is exactly what our customers expect from us”
Over an area of 350 m2, Cyberlink created state of-the-art cold aisle containment units and proceeded to transition existing customers from its old racks to the new, cutting edge racks, all without disrupting day-to-day operations: “We planned all of this together with Interxion. Interxion actively supported us throughout the entire project”.
The Interxion data centre is the primary location for Cyberlink’s services. The company offers 1/4, 1/2 and full rack space. This scope also includes all of the services offered by Interxion as well as the management and monitoring of racks. Interxion is responsible for the actual of day-to-day effort involved in maintaining the data centre. This includes the redundant power supply, climate control technology and physical security systems such as access controls. This set-up guarantees outstanding scalability, performance and reliability. By ensuring that the system is extremely energy efficient, Interxion has been able to fulfil another key criterion on Cyberlink AG’s list. And because its racks are located in a private room, Cyberlink retains full control over the management and operation of its servers. In other words, Interxion cannot access the data or applications stored at the site. Cyberlink does not incur any additional costs for the administration of the servers and it has complete control over the virtual security measures. “Security is everything in our business. Which is why we are committed to our location in Switzerland – our customer data never leaves the country”.

About Cyberlink

Cyberlink is an innovative and independent managed service provider headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 1995, the company provides premium broadband Internet access. Cyberlink delivers reliable, secure connections for over 1,500 business customers and maintains over 6,000 connections throughout the whole of Switzerland. The company’s core competencies also include networking company premises and the provision of managed security solutions and virtual data centre services. The Swiss company is wholly owned by its own management.