Drooms ensures maximum confidentiality for sensitive data with Interxion

Drooms ensures maximum confidentiality for sensitive data with Interxion

5 travnja 2022

Drooms, Europe’s leading data room provider with its headquarters in Frankfurt/Main, combines secure document management with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Confidential business processes such as commercial real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, business transactions and Management Board communication are securely handled by Drooms.

Drooms have been using Interxion: A Digital Realty Company in Frankfurt and Zurich to provide their highly sensitive services for several years.

With Interxion’s German cloud hub in Frankfurt, Drooms has access to all major cloud and connectivity providers. In addition, the world’s largest Internet exchange node in terms of data throughput, the German Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), is hosted here. Besides the highest possible security measures, Interxion also offers auditability and various certifications for data protection and security.

"Interxion offers a secure, reliable, highly available and fast infrastructure. Our platform makes the required documents accessible with just one click – and our customers benefit from the comprehensive security concept and data protection of a European provider."

Niklas Fehl

Head of IT at Drooms