As customers increasingly use mobile apps to book travel tickets, there’s more tasking needed from the performance side. One leading European train operator found that the network infrastructure supporting its mobile ticket app couldn’t keep up with increased mobile traffic.

As a result, the train operator worked with Interxion to future proof its IT infrastructure and make sure that it is capable of supporting the high volume of transaction requests, at the speed of mobile travel.

In order to speed up the transaction time, the train operator partnered with Interxion to move critical infrastructure closer to the internet exchange and establish a better connection with AWS. Interxion provides the AWS point of presence (PoP), allowing the train operator to connect directly into the AWS cloud.

Connecting directly to the AWS cloud improved app performance and reliability, enhancing the end-user experience overall. The train operator also enjoyed decreased networking costs and stronger security through its partnership with Interxion.

By creating a seamless connection between the on-prem environment and the cloud, Interxion’s data centre enabled the train operator to significantly reduce roundtrip transaction latency. With Interxion’s help, the transaction experience only takes a few seconds, even in peak traffic times.