Forging New LINX: Interxion Helps The London Internet Exchange Grow and Diversify

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) chose to host mission-critical switching and routing equipment inside Interxion’s London data centre campus to support its growing member base. With infrastructure in the heart of the City, LINX can empower even more carriers, networks and content distributors with fast, efficient and cost-effective access to global connectivity.


4 travnja 2022

The Challenge

As one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, LINX provides more than 700 members from 70 countries with an open forum for public peering. A not-for-profit organisation, LINX is completely focused on the needs of its members, supporting them with cost-effective, high performance global connectivity.

Almost a decade ago in 2008, facing a rapidly growing member base, LINX needed to expand its network footprint across London to keep pace with demand. “Our members were very keen for LINX to diversify from its original hub in the Docklands and add points of presence with other colocation providers that would drive competition in the market. We selected three ideal expansion sites, including Interxion’s London campus, that had the capacity, connectivity and service levels to meet our needs,” says Richard Petrie, CTO at LINX. Alongside driving greater choice, flexibility and value for members, LINX also needed geographically diverse infrastructure to enhance the availability and resilience of its peering services.

The Solution

Interxion’s London data centre campus provided LINX members with viable connectivity outside of the Docklands, while also delivering a platform on which to expand the organisation’s peering services. “Internet Exchanges aren’t typical colocation customers, but Interxion had experience with organisations like ours”, says Petrie. “From the outset, that heritage meant its team was able to understand our business model and deliver advice on the right infrastructure strategy”.

With LINX continuing to grow its member base, hosting with Interxion also added scalability. Today, Interxion continues to support on-going upgrades and infrastructure expansion as new switching and routing equipment is required by LINX. “We always aim to ensure maximum value for our members”, says Petrie. “Interxion delivers the management and hosting environment to make the most of our investments in market-leading equipment, while also ensuring we only pay for what we need”.

About LINX

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting over 880 member ASNs from over 80 countries around the globe. LINX, not for profit and owned by its members, continues to expand their London presence with 16 locations across the capital along with regional exchanges in Wales, Manchester and Scotland. LINX also operates an Internet exchange in the Ashburn metro area in the US just outside Washington DC. New for 2019, LINX are powering a new IX in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.