Magnet Attracts Customers, Interxion Helps Them Stick

Business telecoms and broadband provider needed a data centre operator offering onward connectivity in a well-managed hosting facility. Above all, it sought the security of a partner capable of matching the scale of its own growth plans, giving the reassurance that it could meet all commitments to its customers into the future.



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The Challenge has a diverse portfolio that covers enterprise business customers through to small and medium sized firms. It is one of the four nominated providers for the Irish Government’s fixed voice services framework with customers including the Health Service Executive and Cork City Council. operates its own private data centre but this has no hosting space.

The company needed a resilient data centre to locate a point of presence connected to the INEX, Ireland’s internet peering point. “Because of the diverse range of services we offer to various sectors, it’s important to have our servers located in different geographical areas. We have IP TV services, hosted PBX services and email services that our customers need to be able to access, 24x7x365. In order to mitigate risk in one data centre, we obviously replicate that in others,” explains James Canty, Product and Pre-sales Manager with Magnet Networks.

I would definitely describe them as up there with the best in class: they are leaders in the data centre environment.

James Canty

Product and Pre-sales Manager with Magnet Networks

The Solution

When the company was evaluating data centre providers around Dublin, Interxion’s offer quickly stood out. The relationship now spans more than five years; Interxion provides with server space, power and IP transit facilities. uses Interxion’s Dub 1 data centre to interconnect with many large corporate customers who in some cases also have their servers hosted at the same time. provides Layer 2 LAN extensions to customers via a cross-connect that Interxion facilitates. In addition,’s own fibre backbone runs through Interxion’s site. More than simply a place to locate equipment, Interxion is seen as a crucial support in helping grow its cloud-based services such as its hosted PBX environment for voice customers. “We see more and more services moving to the cloud, and Interxion plays a key role in that,” says Canty.

The services provided by Interxion let improve services to their own customer base. “We see it as helping us to drive our revenue – not just the cheapest and fastest speed but the best and most reliable connections. It’s primarily to do with uptime- when we offer our services, we offer an SLA with a number of elements and part of that is on the back of the SLA that Interxion offers us.” Canty describes Interxion’s customer service as “excellent” and praises the company’s proactive approach to account management which ensures that any requests are handled efficiently. “The relationship is really good. Sometimes we get requests where we need to get a cross-connect quicker than a service level agreement may specify, and Interxion are thankfully very accommodating in this regard.”

Interxion provides with the confidence that its needs will be met into the future – allowing to stand over its own commitments to customers for ever-increasing bandwidth requirements or new services. “This is no issue for Interxion. There is no doubt in our mind that they have the scale and capacity to cope with that,” says Canty. “I would definitely describe them as up there with the best in class: they are Leaders in the data centre environment”.

About Magnet

Formed in 2004, Magnet Networks ( is a leading Irish-based telecoms and broadband provider to business, residential and public sector customers. It is Ireland’s largest fibre to the home (FTTH) provider and also offers voice and data services.