STO6 – The optimal data centre for sustainable and secure digitisation

Security class
Renewable energy

The new STO6 data centre, which, when fully extended, will achieve an effective customer surface area of 3,300 sqm and, with the first phase already completed in 2020, offer the industry standards' highest security class, scalable infrastructure for business-critical IT systems and a wide range of connectivity and cloud solutions.

For Interxion, STO6 is the first extension of a data centre in Sweden beyond its existing site, with direct connection to Interxion's existing data centre campus.

The data centre is compatible with Category 3 defined by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and is also an excellent choice for your dual-site solution. This is because the data centre has a completely stand-alone infrastructure while offering industry-leading connectivity and access to operators, as well as Internet access points throughout Europe.

By locating themselves here, companies will benefit from access to all leading cloud services as well as the best conditions for developing their hybrid cloud strategy. With a focus on cloud and operator neutrality, Interxion offers all the right conditions for companies to develop sustainable digital IT.

STO6 is also driving our sustainability work forward and our current cooperation with Stockholm Exergi is growing to a completely new level. Through its current investment in heat pumps, Interxion will be able to supply excess heat, in the form of hot water, directly to the district heating network. Energy and heat which would otherwise be wasted is recycled to heat homes in Stockholm.

Like all Interxion's data centres, only 100% renewable energy is used. 

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Sustainable data centre in focus

Interxion was among the first companies involved in the project to recover heat from data centres. We are pleased that Interxion is now taking another step forward and expanding its operations in Sweden and the partnership with Stockholm Data Parks. Through this, Interxion further contributes to the City of Stockholm's goal of becoming a fossil fuel-free city," says Erik Rylander Head of Stockholm Data Parks and Heat Recovery at Stockholm Exergi.

Being pioneers in sustainability and taking responsibility for contributing to a sustainable future is of utmost importance to us and the partners and customers who choose us.

At Interxion, we have collaborated with Stockholm Exergi since 2015 by returning waste heat to the district heating network. A collaboration we are now strengthening by investing heavily in heat pumps. This means that from STO6, Interxion will deliver hot water at a temperature of at least 65-80 degrees directly into the district heating network, and the hotter the water, the higher the output we deliver back. In total, this means that surplus heat from Interxion's data centres in Stockholm will be able to heat 10,000 modern households in Stockholm.

In addition, STO6 is designed according to the latest energy efficiency standards and, like all Interxion's data centres in Europe, only 100% renewable energy is used.

Connect IT that creates value for you!

Today, businesses, devices and people are reliant on different applications and IT services being available and connected.

As the interconnection hub in the Nordic region, innumerable connectivity providers, companies, IT services and cloud services are brought together in Interxion's data centres in Stockholm. This creates a natural marketplace that is a living ecosystem of business opportunities for our customers.

With a simple cross connect connection, we connect our customers to their partners, suppliers and end users. Here, the possibilities are almost endless.

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Where your IT meets the cloud


With us, you will find an unbeatable number of private and public cloud services, in our highly connected data centres.

We offer a secure, stable and dedicated connection with fast response times between your on-site infrastructure at Interxion and your cloud environment. The direct connection provided by Interxion is essential in corporate cloud strategy in the digital era.

All our data centres provide direct access to a variety of private cloud services and all leading international cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and IBM. Read more about Interxion Cloud Connect.

Google Cloud Interconnect, AWS Direct Connect, and IBM Cloud Direct Link are all established with a physical PoP (point of presence) in Interxion's data centre in Stockholm

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Esbogatan 11 , Kista, 16474, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 501 027 00

Esbogatan 11 , Kista, 16474, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 501 027 00

Esbogatan 11 , Kista, 16474, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 501 027 00

Esbogatan 11 , Kista, 16474, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 501 027 00

Esbogatan 11 , Kista, 16474, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 501 027 00

Vandagatan 3, 16494, Akalla Kista, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 501 027 00