PDx™ Blueprint: Optimize Data Exchange

In traditional IT architectures, data is often stored throughout the enterprise in silos, with some elements on premise and others in the cloud. This leads to performance issues, costs and complexities. Today’s infrastructure needs to support the exploding volume, variability and velocity of data creation, processing and storage to accommodate digital business.

In this blueprint, you will get the three critical steps to solving these challenges:

  • Data staging and aggregation that improves application performance and user experience while maintaining compliance and data sovereignty
  • Public and private data sources that optimize data exchange between users, things, networks and clouds
  • Data and analytics that are adjacent to network ingress/egress and enable real-time intelligence across distributed workflows locally and globally

The Optimize Data Exchange Blueprint is part of a library of blueprints and repeatable implementation patterns that make up the Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™).

Get your access to the Optimize Data Exchange Blueprint and find out how to remove Data Gravity barriers and create centers of data exchange to scale digital business.

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