A practical guide to cloud onboarding

How to prepare your application workloads

No IT department wants to launch itself into a cloud migration project without feeling confident that it can ultimately deliver a smooth, trouble-free switchover to the cloud environment. Papers and articles selling the benefits of cloud computing may gloss over the whole issue of onboarding, as if 'forklifting' applications into a cloud environment is as easy as flicking a switch (as long as you use their solution). Clearly it isn't, even for applications regarded as being relatively 'easy' to migrate to a cloud environment.

Who this paper is for:

Another Interxion whitepaper, “The Enterprise Guide to Cloud Migration,” explores Gartner’s five key migration paths: (1) rehost on IaaS, (2) refactor for PaaS, (3) revise for IaaS or PaaS, (4) rebuild on PaaS, or (5) replace with SaaS.

In this paper, we’ll focus on paths 1 and 3. These are migrations that 'forklift' applications (or virtual machines and the applications that run on them) into a virtual private cloud or public cloud environment without the need for major refactoring or rebuilding. We lay out some key considerations for IT decision-makers who want some answers to the 'how' of application onboarding. 

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